Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A New Day Is Dawning

Kairos # 27 has come and...well I can't say gone for the seeds planted and paths begun by many of the men in white will continue on till the day we all stand before the living God. But our four days at the Lynaugh prison have been completed. It is always a wonder to watch and see God's hand at work during these events. When all is said and done we deeply realize that He is the great orchestra leader who is involved in every minute detail. It was no accident regarding who was chosen to be there, neither for the men in white nor us. There were some who had waited for years to be included in a Kairos, often times having signed up on other prison units. We heard several testimonies of their surprise at learning there was a "lay in" for them to attend this walk. There are no accidents where God is concerned, and no coincidences either, but there are many Godcidences (A word I had to invent after experiencing so many things that could not be explained as random happenings) We had gang members and leaders from many opposing sides, often dedicated to hate and destruction of the other, who were there. Two of them, sworn enemies of the other, were seated at the same table next to each other. There were those who did not believe in a god of any kind and those who practiced religious beliefs that are diametrically opposed to faith in Christ. It is always a wonder to watch hard hearts melt, to see high walls break down, and to see the truth of God's love break through. This is why we are there, why we choose to be tools in the Lord's hand, to bring life where there is death, light in the midst of darkness. But it is just a start. Jesus told us to go and make disciples, not just come in, run a program, and leave hoping they will be OK. There is a responsibility that comes with serving the Lord, one which we will be held accountable for, so our work with the 42 men who were there is just beginning. Next week we will return to start that process of feeding them and teaching how to become part of a community, the family that all Christians should understand we are a part of. There were some who became Christians for the first time and Jesus described that as being "Born Again". When baby is born it requires nurture and protection from the parents, and must be taught even the basics of how to live, and this is true when it comes to our faith. In a way we, those in leadership, must change the diapers soiled of these babes in the Lord, and direct them away from the dangers that surround them. There are deep hurts and guilt's many carry that may require time and patience to heal. But rejoice, for there are those who were lost but now are found, those who had wandered away and have returned home. And pray for them, along with us, as the journey continues.

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