Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kairos picnic/luncheon

Saturday we had a picnic/barbecue/luncheon. Not sure what to call it. They said it was a picnic but to me picnics are outside and this was inside at the fellowship hall of First Baptist Church in Midland. The main reason for this is to gain recognition of the Kairos ministry and hopefully attract and recruit others who have a heart for those in prison. There were two TV stations that interviewed members of Kairos and the Midland newspaper sent out a reporter. Her story aired in Sunday's paper. She interviewed me and Robert Winkler. Got a little confused on the article as she had me as going to Uganda, I think she got my name mixed up with Roberts. Not to worry, it was a good article.

The highlight of the day for me was when the chaplain for the Lynaugh unit prison showed up. He was a little late as a chaplains duties often call at inconvenient times. I'm so bad about names and can't remember his. Sorry. But what a man of God he is. Quite on fire for the things of the Lord and well aware that in his hands sit the lives and eternal futures of thousands of inmates. Geese, I wish I could remember his name. If one of you readers know write it in the comments section. By the way,  he's a former Hells Angel, proof of God's ability to change lives.

He told us about what God is doing at the prison. He is the new chaplain and arrived when we were conducting the most recent Kairos walk, my first Kairos. See I'm new at this too so may not have all the particulars down pat yet but it's not about me. When the chaplain took over there were only five or six programs going on and now, under his hand, there are forty two. People are getting saved, gang members are getting along (more or less but they show up at the services) and attendance is up. There are many fantastic things coming so it's an exciting time to be a part of the ministry. I know this might sound strange for some of you but that means it's also an exciting time to be in prison at the Lynaugh unit.

I can talk that way because I've been in prison, been in prisons and jails in five states, so I understand what it's like. The reason it's an exciting time to be in prison at the Lynaugh unit is because God is moving and there is a greater chance someone there can learn about Jesus Christ and will accept Him as their savior. You see, we all have sinned, we all have done things that are wrong. Here on this earth we pay when caught for some things by being sent to prison. When we die and stand before God the judgment is either eternal life with God in heaven or eternal separation from Him. That's a final judgment, period. So at the Lynaugh unit, and for that matter every prison and even out in the free world, there is a chance we all have to learn about God's love and mercy, and with that the opportunity to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and thus be born again, set free from all the sins and habits that chained us and we were enslaved to.

Like I told the newspaper lady, there are good people who do bad things and there are bad people who want to become good. Through Kairos and for that matter through many other means these people can learn about God and be set free to start a new life. In prison that can be tough. There's a lot of rough things going on and as soon as you accept Christ you can bet some will target you for persecution of one type or another. So it's important that we help and strengthen these new brothers in Christ. Fact is most of the Christians in prison will put to shame many of those who claim to be Christian out here in the free world. That's just my personal opinion so don't take it as being judgmental or anything, I just know what I've seen.

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